The garden is over 700 sq. m. and features fully-grown trees, and was designed by the landscape architects of Atelier Flera. It is a peaceful space for all residents to enjoy. It features private front gardens separated from the common area by a gentle slope and several multi-stem trees. The garden’s common area includes space for grilling as well as relaxation, a sandbox, and ideal spots for sitting back and reading a book. The private front gardens naturally merge with the apartments’ living areas.

A Word from the Landscape Architect

Ferdinand Leffler from Atelier Flera

“We designed the garden so that it would serve all of the building’s residents. It has sections for family events and parties with friends as well as space for everyday relaxation. Residents have many different ideas about how a garden should be used, and we therefore designed it so that adults could relax in quiet corners undisturbed by children playing in the playground. In short, it’s a garden for everyone.”